Johnson & Johnson, Arcadis and JA Europe are partnering for the organisation of the Sustainability Challenge. After a first edition of the Sustainability Challenge organised by J&J and Arcadis in summer 2021, the initiative now goes into its second round involving JA Europe as co-organiser. The Sustainability Challenge is part of the Women in STEM initiative and aims to encourage young people, especially girls, to explore the field of STEM.

The Sustainability Challenge is an Innovation Challenge where young people aged 6-19 recruited by JA Alumni Europe, Johnson&Johnson, Arcadis need to work individually or together in groups of up to 3 students to come up with an innovative solution to a given problem. The ideas will be evaluated by J&J and Arcadis professionals and the winners will receive a prize.

Please make sure you remember your login details for the Submittable account you just created because you will need it to submit your idea again.

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