Johnson&Johnson, Junior Achievement Europe and INJAZ Al-Arab are partnering for the organisation of an Online Innovation Camp (IC) on the 9th – 10thNovember 2021 for 20 teams of talented young students coming from the JA Network in Europe and MENA region that have a clear interest in solving the challenge related to the future of consumer goods. Participating Students will be grouped in international teams.

​The initiative focuses on sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital skills, and other topics with the aim of promoting STEM education and STEM-related career opportunities and providing new and creative solutions to a specific issue within the consumer goods sector. It is common knowledge that consumers constantly change their behaviours and preferences. For this reason, leading companies like J&J are changing their go-to-market strategies and capabilities in response. According to Deloitte 2021 Consumer products industry outlook “Industry players are recalibrating how they segment consumers, prioritize channels, establish product portfolios, position their brands, and deploy service models”. This is why the partnership between J&J and JA is calling the young generation to action!

The Online Innovation Camp is going to be a two-days event starting on the 9th of November in the morning, with an inspirational talk on STEM education and careers by J&J, and ending on the 10th of November 2021 with the announcement of the winner. The challenge will be announced at the beginning of the IC and it will be focusing on finding solutions to a main challenge faced by the consumer goods sector. The 20 best student teams, 10 coming from European countries and 10 form MENA will be selected at the end of October/beginning of November, to compete in the first ever Online Innovation Camp organized by Junior Achievement on consumers’ goods together with J&J. On the first day of the innovation camp, each team coming from Europe will be matched with one team coming from the MENA region. This will allow the students to experience a unique moment of knowledge sharing, cultural exchange and raise their awareness on the issued faced on a daily base by their peers.

The 20 teams will have the chance to develop and present their innovative solutions during the event as well as benefit from the Career Talks and mentoring activities by J&J business volunteers. On the last day of the IC, the jury will select the winners and the best 3 teams will receive a prize.

The IC will also take place during the DigiEduHack 2021 organised by the European Commission. DigiEduHack is a series of online and in-person hackathons taking place all around the world on the 9-10 November 2021, focusing mainly on co-creating digital education solutions for a more sustainable world. This framework event will provide additional visibility to the IC and the participating students. The idea presented by the winners will also be assessed by the DigiEduHack steering group, which designate 10 to 12 finalists. The finalists are put up for a public vote. The 3 finalists with the most votes become the DigiEduHack 2021 Global Award winners.

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